PSP DJ Max Fever Preview

Another from the few titles of the PSP that falls in the music genre. Looking at the preview video (down below) here, DJ Max Fever looks amazing, especially the animation scenes, and cool feels like you are really in a band creating the tunes.

DJ Max Fever is said to be a compilation of 2 games: DJ Max Portable, and DJ Max 2. Many of us living here in the US, have had the pleasure of getting our hands on DJ Max Portable, I was one of them.

To tell you the truth, I didn't do much with it. I guess mostly because of the fact that when this came out, I used the hacked version of it, and my poor PSP could not handle too much data I think. If you are in the the same boat as me, please tell me there is nothing wrong with my PSP. haha!

This game makes competition to Guitar Way To Heaven 4, which is a homebrew application game for the PSP. Ok. so, if there was a comparison on which game is better for the PSP. DJ Max Portable or Guitar Way To Heaven 4, what would you choose?

They both fall under the same genre, and you have to press the buttons accordingly, and timing is of essence. What the huge difference notable is that DJ Max, even though it has been released in the whole world it's still targeted at Japanese audience. I don't know this Japanese songs, nor I speak a word in Japanese. Will it have English, Spanish, Italian songs? The good thing about it is that the graphics are amazing, better than Guitar Way To Heaven 4. Now GWTH is not so big on the graphics and anything fancy, but the big plus for me is that all the songs there are popular and some of which are my personal favorite (check out this post), that really is more than 50% of what drives me toward GWTH.

DJ Max Fever is schedule to be released in the US on November, 11, 2008. Published by PM Studios and developed by Pentavision.


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