The Red Star PSP Gameplay Video


Hard-hitting combat meets old-school shooter gameplay for an incredibly fast-paced action experience. From the imagination of comic writer Christian Gossett's and developed by XS Games, Red Star delves deep into a war-torn relentless alternate reality.

Red Star tells the tale of an alternate Russia, the U.R.R.S., where massive technology and futuristic weapons are wielded by its army, The Red Fleet. Set in a Russian-inspired parallel universe, The Red Star drops players into a gritty futuristic world of chaotic warfare, industrial technology and arcane magic.

Choose from three playable legendary warriors, each with unique fighting skills and weapons. The Red Star updates the style classic combat and shooter games with combo attacks, enemy lock-on features, and the ability to switch between the two seamlessly and on the fly. You will fight your way through 19 stages of intense enemies with one goal in mind: take them all down. Two-player cooperative gameplay lets you enter the fray with a friend.


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