Disgaea: Afternoon Of Darkness PSP Gameplay

I did get to play the PS2 version of Disgaea called Hour Of Darkness. Good thing this game did not suffer much translation sickness, I mean It was kept as much as the PS2 version as possible. Plus it has got some add-ons that are really neat that the PS2 did not have. like for example character collection and ad-hoc abilities to fight one on one.

What I like and about this game is that your power is kinda unlimited, well probably not unlimited, but certainly very extensive. you can find yourself playing this game for a real long time and even after defeating the last boss, you still have to defeat Baal, so much powering up is needed. Baal can be quite a challenge to beat.

HP (and attack power) is insane, and its one of the rarest I have ever seen on a rpg-strategy game. I haven't reach the top yet, but almost to have 1 million hp points, I wonder if characters can go beyond that.

Well, this is a great game to play and there are lots of techniques to use when attacking either single of multiple enemies. On the video I have the animation off, so battles go much quicker.

Enjoy :D


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