Wall Cat Run gives money for best high score

Platform running video games are so much fun.  It comes a time when once in a while one will rise up to be an amazing adventure such as Wall Cat Run.  In this game you will have the ability to run up parallel vertical walls, jumping one to the other without running into the obstacles objects you will see along the way.  Collecting as much fish you can for extra points.  The more fish you can collect, the better for an outstanding score that will put you at the top of list.  Besides the fish, there are also 3 additional power ups, which will help you advanced in the game.

The graphics are just great, simple and the cat character looks awesomely cool.  Smooth movement frames
per second, and controls which you will pick up as fast as you can say ready.  All audience are welcome to play it.  No restrictions to old and new gamers out there for this fun and addicting family friendly game.  Love a good challenge? you will find Wall Cat Run to have easy objective, but make no mistake it packs quite a punch when it comes to higher levels.  You can download this game for absolutely free HERE! and also find more info about it.


  1. Thank you for review our game!
    More info about Wall Cat Run https://www.facebook.com/wallcatrun/

    1. You're welcome. It is an awesome game for kids and adults too :)