Who Are You Not Going To Call For PSP? Ghostbusters The Vidoe Game

This is just a rumor going around the internet: is Ghostbusters The Video Game coming to PSP? Some early articles I read on PSP news sites confirmed it, and so they claimed it due to the ESRB listing...

Ghostbusters The Video Game is published by Atari. And so as to frequent news I got; Atari has officially made it clear the PSP system listings has been mistaken. and they have no intentions to bring the game to the PSP. But on the other hand, Ghostbusters The Video Game will be released for other known consoles.

I personally think another game like this Ghostbusters would not hurt the PSP, It would be a good idea if Atari would consider it a release for the PSP in the future. It would mean another one added to the PSP library and maybe fun to play.

What do you guys think?? Please comment-reply hehe :D


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