Little Big Planet Level, Intro, PSP Gameplay

Very fun game, I love the adventuring, it just wakes up the kid inside me. I am sure everyone could enjoy LittleBigPlanet on the PSP. I still have a long way to go on the game. I have just started playing, but I can already foretell that it is epic, and no doubt will be one of the instant classic games. I think the difficulty of the game is close to none, but what is more important here is fun factor on gameplay.

I was really entertained combining different types of clothing onto my own delightful little sack person. Walla! you see the one created by me on the video just above. I think he looks very cute, and I specially like the many expressions he is able to do.

I recommend this game very much. It is really a good all-clean, safe for kids game. Although adults may also enjoy it too.

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  1. their is really no doubt about great psp games especially this game. I really love this. Sackboy is so cute :D