WWE All-Stars PSP Insight And E3 2010 Official Gameplay Trailer

The revolutionary new addition to THQ’s distinguished WWE videogame portfolio and debut release of the PSP's: WWE All-Stars will bridge generations of WWE enthusiasts and casual followers alike with a fun, fresh and fast-paced experience inside the virtual ring.

Product Features

  • WWE All Stars will deliver one of the greatest rosters ever assembled in a wrestling-centric videogame.
  • Renowned WWE Legends will align with today?s most prominent Superstars, inviting players to generate fantasy matches and ultimately determine the greatest competitors of all time.
  • In addition, each Legend and Superstar will boast a distinctive and highly stylized appearance, adding to the overall atmosphere and intrepid attitude exuding from the on-screen action.
  • WWE All Stars will encompass a fluid, intuitive and original gameplay style, creating a highly competitive environment and an engaging spectacle of big, bold and over the top moments.
  • Every Legend and Superstar on the power-packed roster will be equipped with individual abilities, signature moves and renowned finishers to create the ultimate in-ring experience.
Two Generations, One Ring

Greater, Far better, Bolder, Badder. WWE All Stars offers an all-new take on WWE with swift, enjoyable, smooth and also furious arcade-style gameplay which will take WWE action to another grade. Showcasing your preferred vibrant WWE Figures from the past in addition to larger-than-life WWE Superstars of these days, WWE All Stars gives the maximum roster possibly put together inside a PSP WWE video game. It really is your decision to look for the finest for all time inside the ground-breaking fresh inclusion to THQ's WWE video game accounts plus debut launch coming from THQ San Diego. 

Match up Variations

WWE All Stars offers a wide selection of match varieties, regardless of whether you may be challenging rivals over the internet, creating a party together with your buddies or even going alone. The action will be exciting, rapid, furious and also tremendously aggressive, and even involving the larger-than-life figures and over-the-top techniques. Match up variations consist of: 1-on-1, Triple Threat Match, Fatal 4-Way, Tornado Tag Team, Steel Cage, Elimination, Extreme Rules and Handicap Matches.

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  1. ahh... another installation of WWE for PSP... i think most of the new stars are included in this game..

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