Invizimals: Shadow Zone - PSP Preview

The next installment in the Invizimals series of Invizimals: Shadow Zone is scheduled to be released later this fall. For any fans of the first game they should be very satisfied.

The story is said to pick up several months after the first installment ended, the major difference between Shadow Zone and the last game are the captures are new and more involved compared to its predecessor. The game also includes over one hundred new Invisimals for you to prey on. With the release of this new game PSP has also includes the possibility of playing co-operative meaning with a friend, through using the infrastructure connectivity. In addition to all these amazing features you are also able to edit your Invizimals by changing the names, colors, and selecting attacks. The game also includes a new kind of system as well where the player is able to travel to locations where the player learns how the Invizimals help shape ancient mythology making this a very sought out game.

Although the game never really made an impression on the United States the game killed and took over Europe. This is probably due to the fact that the game had in fact hit the United States a full year after it hit PAL territories, so naturally the US was never quite interested. However PlayStation has announced that the new game had been dropped in Europe in November and that it would be open to the US next fall.
The game has been described as a "got to catch them all" franchise, due to the fact that the game is very Pokemon like. But in all seriousness that isn’t necessarily a bad thing definitely not for the developers, in the past Pokemon was one of the most popular games around you couldn’t get away from it. And since when you play Invizimals you can use the PSP's mike and add on camera to defeat unique creatures in a variety of different ways, it can be easily seen that this game could in fact trump the popularity of the Pokemon. The game has already gained popularity in Europe and is scheduled for release in the US within the next fall.

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