PSP Portals - PSP Web Based Experience

PSP (Play Station Portable) is one of the most popular handheld gaming devices to ever hit the market. The appeal of the PSP lies not only in its small package and portability but the internet access available in newer devices. The PSP has come along way since some of the first handheld gaming devices such as the Gameboy, and offered a level of sophistication as well as impressive technology to what externally seems just like a handheld gaming device.

In addition to games and accessories to go with the PSP, there are also PSP Portals. PSP Portals are a set of web pages designed specifically for your PSP. You put these on your PSP and then are allowed to play games and use apps on them as you please. PSP Portals are a completely legal way to expand the use of your PSP device, and they have taken the internet by storm. Thousands of sites offer different PSP Portal downloads for users, and with each new creation comes new designs, graphics and capabilities with the portals. With the creation of these portals the realm of obsession with handheld gaming devices and online gaming have expanded, as the portals have become all-encompassing hobbies and even methods of income for many young gamers.

There are numerous types of portals, ranging from ones to simulate windows XP to different flash portals that are designed to look like individual themes. The portals offer different designs, backgrounds and features that allow users to update the individual look and capabilities of their PSP, multiple PSP Portals can be downloaded if desired.

After downloading a PSP Portal from a variety of online sources, hooking up your new download to your device is actually quite simple. After plugging your PSP into your computer with a usb cable, you can access your PSP's memory and files from your computer. From there you simple click and drag your PSP Portal to the folder associated with your PSP device and you are all done.

When you visit a site to download a PSP Portal, make sure the site looks legitimate before proceeding. There should be videos and screen shots of what the portal will look like once downloaded to give you a clear idea of what it will actually look like. Some more sophisticated sites even offer interactive previews of what the portal will look like once downloaded, allowing the potential user to explore exactly what the portal will be like. Each site will have its own specific download instructions that may vary slightly from the ones above, but should offer an easy method of downloading your portal.


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