Qriocity PSP - Music Streaming App For The PSP

For the latest app in the music world for your PSP, the Qriocity Sony 'music unlimited' streaming service is the next technology for must lovers who want to stream live music to their PSPs to turn to. The Qriocity is a live music streaming service (similar to satellite radio streaming services), which has been developed by Sony, and can be used by PSP owners to get live music from their handheld gaming devices.

The Sony Qriocity offers unlimited access to over six million songs, and allows users to personalize their own music libraries, and set up their own playlists. The service allows users to try a 30 day risk free trial on their PSP, or other wireless and handheld devices, however consumers are required to enter credit card information for the service. If, at the end of thirty days they keep the service, they will be charged a subscription monthly fee. However, if they cancel at or prior to the thirty day mark, their cards will not be charged. With this thirty day trial consumers can play songs commercial free, and choose from a library of over 6 million songs. You can also customize and get recommendations from other artists based on which songs you are currently listening to and streaming onto the PSP. Basically the Qriocity will learn your listening habits for music choices, and will make song and artist recommendations based on what you listen to.

Although it is a fairly basic service, it does offer a huge library of songs to choose from. However, for users streaming the Sony Qriocity onto their PSP devices, there have been mixed reviews about the service and quality which they have experienced. Many consumers complain that having to control a mouse-based interface which the Qriocity uses, on the joystick pad of the PSP is terrible, and takes forever. Additionally the virtual keyboard, a lag in the interface, only mediocre quality for playback do not offer the best environment for the Qriocity App. Additionally, consumers who had issues with the services claimed the load time was extremely long, and the audio, once finally completed, extremely poor.

On the other side, consumers who enjoyed the service claimed that it gave them a streaming app with all the music they wanted, sound quality was good enough, and the subscription fee was fair for the service. Overall, it is a fairly new app, so tweaks need to be worked out; but, eventually it might be a great streaming music app for PSP users.


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