Who is Marcus PSP Rivers?

Marcus PSP Rivers is a fictional character. This character is 12 years old. Marcus is used in an advertising campaign for the PlayStation Portable and the PSP go consoles. This character is based in the United States and was created by Deutsch/LA. You can watch the character in videos on the YouTube channel. This character first appeared in television commercials in 2010. He carries a different title in each commercial. In one commercial, the character was used to promote Deputy of Great Game Deals.

The child character who portrayed this character was Bobb'e J. Thompson. Sony was the company that launched the advertising campaign that most often used the character. This advertising was used to target potential consumers. It was promoting the PSP handheld gaming system. The character was used to demonstrate benefits of the games. Marcus also talked about the Peace Walker game. Most of the advertisements were used to target a specific group like 10-14 year olds. Sony often targeted male teenage consumers.

This character is all about the PSP. You can view full clips of Marcus on over 19 networks. The Marcus commercials are quite funny and they really get one's attention. Many people say that Marcus is a great PSP spokesperson. It was an excellent marketing strategy that targeted young audiences and it definitely worked. When teenagers watched these advertisements, they soon wanted the product the kid was marketing. Many people loved the character and thought he was cute and funny. Many people knew he was a lot younger than another character named Kevin Butler.

Marcus was introduced into the PlayStation industry. He delivered the best news and reviews for gaming products. He is not a big fan of the iPhone when it comes to gaming though. He can convince a lot of people to purchase a PSP. He was used to help spread the word about the facts of the PSP. Many people were anxiously awaiting the first glimpse of the character. He has appeared on television and internet quite a bit. He does an excellent job at promoting gaming products. You can view Marcus online right now.

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  1. this is a really good for everyone. because everyone like the playing video game. and here each game is different & advanced launched. thanks to this creator Bobb'e J. Thompson. this one thanks to share with us.