Pixel Robot Jump Saga

Let your adventure begin in the world of robots, and get ready for your vertical jumping experience of a life time. Never have you jumped for excitement before, and leaped to obtain the gold at the top of the league in a game. Introducing: Pixel Robot Jump Saga.  This game is going to test you.  Will you want to know how your reflexes are rated? Mainly if you play Pixel Robot Jump Saga, know that you it will test you on reflex versus time and mobility.  Pixelated graphics had never been more fun before, and so much entertaining you will be stuck playing for hours and hours.

Here your cute small little robot, will need to collect points by jumping in and out of the red circle.  Tapping on the screen will make your character do this action.  But beware! you should know that hitting the outer/inner walls of the circle is a no-no.  You must go in and out from the aperture.  Play as much and try to obtain the top score in a global wide ranking system.  Players all over the place, so there is never a dull moment.

Just check out some of the game features below:
- Exciting cute colourful robots;
- New fun exciting levels;
- Tablet optimized;
- Enchanting orchestra and relaxing retro vintage music;
and way much more.


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