Stunt jumps, explosions and parallel parking. Just like in everyday traffic.

Have difficulties parking the car? It could be the case that it's a real pain to do parallel or perpendicular parking for many.  It is important to be able to do these things in order to pass the practical test and obtain a driver license.  Now with Car Parking Ace: Traffic Mania (Mobile game app) you will need no lessons, as it offers hands on training on car parking without being worried of receiving a ticket or even going to jail for mindless driving chaos one might commit.

Become a driving hero with skills!  It's a one of a kind driving game ever seen by the light of day that will keep anyone hooked for hours til end.  Testing your awareness and dexterity you will effectively be taught on how to go into the garage, or parking lot with other cars around, even race with your comrades Be the one to beat with many players around the world setting their own's best score punctuation.  Keep in mind that the features of the game is not the only thing you can do; there is always stunts, speed, jumps, and explosions.

You will enjoy these unique things about it:

- Collect achievements
- You will be able to drift
- Choose your favorite vehicles: Sedan, Muscle Car or Sports Car
- and more...

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