Japan Sells Just A Bit More PSP Than DSi

Statistics for week ending April 12 in Japan. Now who thought the PSP was getting more sales? When the majority of time it has been the underdog against the DS. There was quite one time that month after month the PSP beat the DS in sales in Japan.

I could just imagine the PSP saying something like: "Ok, DS you have won some battles but not the war". The PSP is still fighting hard to just be the one handheld that everyone wants to buy.

The table to the right shows the statistics for all mayor systems sold in Japan as of week ending April 12. That really says we are living the age of the handhelds. really take a look at those numbers. It is quite remarkable that the PSP beat the DSi for a mere 213 units, but a win is a win even if it is just by one unit.

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