PSP Vs Nintendo DSi

As I went through some PSP articles, I found this site quite interesting!! Basically states that Sony is kinda making it clear that the PSP is for mature intelligent consumers and has a broader game mix, being games targeted for all peoples ages. kid games and adult games as well. The Nintendo DSi has just focused on "kid" games and making the PSP a better choice on portable device because of game variety.

Furthermore the next wave of PSP games are just even getting more techi and UMDless I think with PStore anyone could just download games. I am assuming full games that you can actually purchase from the PStore via wireless feature.

There is one important fact to consider when comparing the two handheld devices. Up until now the DS is outselling the PSP by 2 to 1 worldwide. Does this fact make the PSP come in second place? Or could it mean that because the majority think of handhelds as toys it automatically targets kids?

I personally would not trade my PSP for a DSi any moment soon. I find the PSP a great gaming and media device and can quite think that there are loads of functions on my PSP the DS would only dream about.

What do you guys think? Please comment-reply! :D


  1. yea :D agree the PSP has alot of awsome things that DS will never be able to compare...
    Im not a nintendo hater...i mean i own a normal ds and a dsi but as u sayd i wouldnt trade a psp with the DS :D and ppl say that the DS is special for games....
    well they are noobs....from my knowlege if a DS gamecard is 250mb (app) and a PSP UMD is 2.2GB im guessing psp games can be alot better....Aldough mario 64 ds is fun and sexy XD anyway

  2. Hmmm interesting. But that nintendo is kid-target toy isn't truth.

    I played them both, and must say this, some nintendo games are just incredible. About wirety* (sorry for misspell) is just sony campagin and not the truth stance.

    About child-target-toy, only truth i see here.. is that nintendo is muc more resistance to dust, hits... etc, while sony... hmmm

    Ok, graphic of sony's games is bes.True, cant denied.
    Graphic when you whatching movies almost same, only biger screen at PSP, but i realy dont whath moveis on it.

    About functions, games can be bought wire as on sony as on dsi - fact. I dk about sony, but for DSi few programs they put them for free on nintendo wifi shop.

    About batterys idk for PSP, but i can tell for dsi, at normal lightening, for wery good weving it last about 10-12 hurs of playing game on my console. Whit ful lightening on (so u can play while sun is shinening on your screen)it last i think 3-4h

    About functions... I miss 2 things on my dsi: some teyt editor like notepad, and some colendar for apointmets :) all other things you can upload on dsi, by using SD card and adapter.

    And for end, i take dsi every were whit me like phone... it fits in my poket, and u newer know when u need to wait :)