Pirate Legacy Guide For Beginners

Pirate Legacy is fairly a new game offered on Facebook.com and is an online club of sea sailors. Here you will enjoy sea adventures and life or death encounters with pirates that will leave you either slaughtered or gasping for your next breath!

Before the world of Pirate Legacy is opened up completely to you, you will need to conquer many different tutorial quests. This will help you to become familiar with the game, icons, and buttons and help to keep you from becoming overwhelmed. As you conquer each quest more and more levels will open up offering you hours of pirate play. Follow the red arrows and see how far you can go and how many bosses you can defeat.

How to earn coins and gems
In order to earn coins and gems you need donate real cash money to receive the gem. The gems are needed to conquer the main bosses. Even though you have to pay for gems doesn’t mean that you can’t play the game. You can enjoy the game even without paying for the gems but are limited as to what you are able to do.

How To Avoid Getting Plundered Much

Getting plundered is part of the game. To prevent it from happening time and time again you will need to keep in mind that you can and will be plundered when you are on the shores but if you are at a point somewhere hidden in the deep seas you won’t be plundered as much. The gold that you earn should be kept in a chest and not on you... it will be safer there. The more gold that you keep on you leaves you at risk of being plundered.

Tips To Level Up Fast
To help you level up faster than others you will need to complete the epic quest. Once you have done so then you can go out into the open sea. Here you will find more quests to conquer. Get your friends to play with you because their skill levels may help you in the future. Keep in mind that the more friends that you refer to the game the more items that you will be rewarded with. Ask higher ranked players if they will add you and become your Captain because they can help you defeat boss fights. Pirate mates are one of the most important aspects of the game so add as many other players as you can.

Tips To Getting Stronger
One main tip to becoming stronger is by keeping track of your upgrades and quests. These achievements will help you to become stronger and increase your skills. The first things that you should acquire to become stronger are precision strike, physical training and defense mastery. These skills can all be acquired in level two.

Are you ready to take on the sea? It’s time to jump into your pirate ship and let the adventures of the wide open sea take place. Be your own Captain Jack Sparrow and take on the pirates in this amazingly addictive game. Invite all of your friends and see who can beat the main bosses.

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