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Awakened is an horror, action, adventure, role playing game which is soon to be out.  The story-line and game-play will have you on the edge of your seat, expecting the unexpected.  It is a psychological thriller which has 7 levels with a variety of modes such as stealth, side scrolling, first person 3D environment levels and more.  You will also be able to experience in-game movies, and a nice all original soundtrack.

The main character here is a female who finds herself trapped in an asylum.  Not just any asylum; it is specially for the criminally insane which goes by the name of Woodbury Asylum.

In some cases, the gamplay levels take place in her imagination. And in other cases gameplay will not be.  As further in you go playing awakened, you will find out more about the story-line; Why this female character is in an asylum for the criminally insane, and what happened in the events that led to her situation in the game.  For now the main focus for her is to escape this crazy place, even more important to escape the voices in her head.

Available at an affordable price of $5.  You are sure to want some more after you have done.  Please vote Yes for this Awakened on Steam.


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