A Fantastic Online Word Game!

There are a ton of variety when it comes to word games online.  They are fun, educative, and in some cases tremendously challenging.  It is good to know that many websites have those types of games available.  Compare to other genres, at least with these you will most likely increase your English vocabulary.  And perhaps further develop your skill of fast-thinking. There are branches of those kinds of games such as word search, letter guessing, crossword; a very common one, make a word, etc.  Overall; innovative and simply extraordinary new ways to play with words Which it is safe to say are being developed as we speak.

Introducing: Letter Garden.  Its an awesome game in which you look for words in a stack of letters.  Words can be made by choosing the first letter with your mouse; then hold and drag up, down, left, right, or diagonally to make a word.  Goal is to find as many letters and free columns or rows.  You have to be fast though because there is a time limit.  If the time expires without achieving the goal; it is game over.  Check it out for yourselves and see how you will like and play Letter Garden for a good deal of time.


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