Neon 2 Cars Racing Saga

Behold the amazing universe of Neon 2 Cars Racing Saga!  Reach the top of the league, by drifting, sliding, jumping, and overall good racing.  If you think racing in a straight line is easy... Think again friends.  The blue and the pink cars are yours to control simultaneously.  You can change direction by tapping.  You will have your reflexes tested as well as movement, and time accuracy as this is the main challenge of the game.  Neon cars in a very addicting fun games you won't be able to put it down for a while.

The visually cool looking neon cars are racing in order to collect circles and triangles.  Now the square boxes are to be avoided at all costs.  Do not make contact with those obstacles, and remain getting circles without missing them, as these are the main objectives of the game!  Get as many points as possible; beat the best scores of the top world wide players and rank number one. Your turn, and fun awaits for you.

Listed here are some of the game features:
- Simple touch control;
- Social network sharing;
- Stunning graphics, colorful visual cartoon and smooth animation;
- Neon racing cars and neon backgrounds;
- New fun exciting levels;
- Collect circles (1 point each) and triangles (2 points each);
- Stunning graphics, colorful visual cartoon and smooth animation;
and much more...


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