Here is a new game: Emoji Adventure

What is an emoji anyway? Sometimes they are called smileys and recently I came to know them as ideograms? Who knew!.  They represent some type of mood reflected on a face particularly but sometimes a heart <3 just shows the love.  Happy, sad, angry, surprised, evil, good. etc can be shown with text characters also: xD B-o some samples but there are way more.  Most popular websites have them, and specially those in the social network category.  Well its not a secret here lol. Unless you have never had a chance to interact with others in the internet.

Now you should know there is also an emoji game called: Emoji Adventure.  One which looks like a fun game to play.  With all those emojis running around there will never be a dull moment.  The adventure should be interesting and challenging to say the least; the visual will put a smile in your face for sure.  Truly a healthy past time and a breather out of those violent games out there.The premise or goal is for your emoji to fall as fast as possible and collect the points, but also beware of bad guys.  Please check out emoji adventure HERE!


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