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By now everyone in the gaming community should know that Minecraft has been a big success.  The squared-graphic digital world which seem out of date is not so by long shot.  Seems like more players around the globe enlist in this adventure; not only for quests to be done exploring this realm; but also indulging themselves to get creative in building stuff and creating items which are sure to be one of kind!  The idea is not exclusive to Minecraft as there are other similar games which match sandbox building pattern.  Here are a few that come to mind:

Terasology: perhaps a twin? but wait this is not Minecraft.  Its got the same blocky type figures and graphics though.  You will also find most if not all the same features in this game and makes it an awesome alternative to play.

King Arthur's Gold: A 2d instead of a 3d game.  Yet it packs all the creative suites.  Definitely set on the middle ages where there are castles, kings, knights, swords, arrows, and all that good stuff. When strategy comes into play you best get ready to defend the castle and attack your enemies with whatever you have available.

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