Barbie Surfing

In a world of different types of games in the internet,  You will see most video-games are played by young boys, but does not mean games for girls are not out there.  Directed specially to a girl audience (but most people can play) come the "Dress up" games; Also known as "Fashion" games.  It quite makes sense because you test your fashion skills while playing.  Some have come to a conclusion that it has been somewhat replaced playing with dolls literally.  The origin of dress up games go way back when paper dolls were used about 1000 years by the Japanese.  Although the use was a bit different and definitely not for fashion, but rituals instead.  Now in this era these games have been developed by the end of the 90s for websites around the world, and quite making a boom in the market as there is much demand.

The creativity is immense; for people who create Fashion games, and also for the people playing them.  Barbie an iconic doll known for her sense of fashion and living a luxurious lifestyle which girls are are attracted to is not behind on this technology.  You can play Barbie Surfing and come up with your own design.  Take a photo-shoot and save your pics afterwards.


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