Pokemon Go Tips & Tricks

To all hardcore fans of Pokemon Go like us; we invite you to check out the following tips and tricks every hunter should know about this incredible free to play game.  We will keep updating the post for more insights and new features as the game keeps developing.  The creators of Pokemon Go are continuously updating the app with new stuff, and improving the fun factor of the game according to the user's preferences.  We have written some excellent tips and tricks before, and we love reading and are satisfied with the feedback some of our readers have sent through the comment section.  When you play Pokemon Go for first time you should:

1. Get Pikachu at the start for an advantage. Once you are ready for hunting, the professor will tell you to go catch pokemons.  In this instance, you have the opportunity to get the classic monsters like Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle.  Do not get them just yet.  You must literally walk away from them.  Then; you will notice your phone vibrating, and that is when Pikachu is available.

2. Be sure to vary your locations safely.  Clearly you will need to test out going into different areas to catch pokemons, but keep in mind your safety first.

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