Bus Simulator Racing

Now you thought you had it easy racing in race car games.  Now out of the ordinary come Bus Simulator Racing.  Racing in a bus never was so much fun and addicting to play.  The physics in this game are amazing best compared to top notch racing games in the market today.  Here you are hired as the bus driver.  Your objective is to drive the people to the school safety zone.   Sounds easy enough?  Well be prepared to think otherwise because its not the same thing as most commonly know racing platforms.  Pedal to the fullest but be aware for the turns.  Too much and it can tilt over.  Its has realistic mechanics with most realistic controls.

Watch out for water holes, and be sure not to drive off-road.  Steer to change your drift direction, collect the stars along the way and earn points.  These are the most outstanding features of the game, plus more.  You will be tested on your reaction time, and also in your timing.  Compete globally and compare your score against other players around the world.  The thrilling action on this game will have you hooked from beginning to end.  Check out this game here: Bus Simulator Racing


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