Office Adventure - Platforms and zombies

Not a typical day at the office when you find zombies near the desks.  In a bizarre world this would be common.  Looking for a job?  Now here your employer might be looking for some skills that you may not have in the real world.  So also finding the ability to hold and use a sword will be a nice add next to your typing and handling office duties to your resume.  Jumping over obstacles is a must, but most young and even old people can do that with no prior experience.  Check out this fun out of the ordinary game.  Available google play.

You will be amazed on how fun this game can really be.  It has cute graphics.  You will be able to collect cool, amazing items.  It tests your reflexes, how fast you are, etc.  You fight zombies, but not limited to those: knights and ninjas will also bring a challenge to you.  A competitive, addicting game once you play for the first minutes you won't put it down.  Try to get the best score, but most importantly: Stay alive.  If you want to learn more about this game and all the features it has please visit: platforms and zombies


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