How to Play Pokemon Go like a Champion

Pokemon Go is the latest video game developed by Nintendo that builds upon a number of versions of Pokemon created by the company throughout the nineties. It is unlike the other modern games that are heavy and complex. Pokemon Go gives a retro feel, a feeling of nostalgia as you play the game to grab and train these soft and cuddly creatures. You will have a happy feeling playing this game where there are no grim battles involving blood and gore. You have all the time in the world to play this augmented reality game as your target is to capture all the Pokemons.

Pokemon Go is a highly addictive mobile video game
Pokémon Go is certainly not a great or most advanced game of all times. Its USP lies in its simplicity and the relaxation it gives to your mind. There is hardly an individual in the country that does not recognize the yellow colored, cuddly creature called Pikachu. It is the most popular of all the Pokemons. As a player, you enter the augmented reality world based upon your current geographic location and encounter different kinds of Pokemons. Your goal is to capture all 151 Pokemons and then raise and train them to learn new skills.

Advance in the game learning about special abilities of some Pokemons
Some Pokemons have special abilities and some are fierce fighters. You will learn from experience all about these special powers and fighting abilities of the Pokemons you have captured as you train them and make them fight against Pokemons of other trainers inside the game.

Pokemon Go has been downloaded by 7.5 million people in just over a week. If it continues to be
downloaded at this speed, it will definitely beat Twitter in terms of users across the world. This is surprising considering Pokemon Go has very little gameplay. All you do is trap Pokemons and throw Poke Balls at them in a bid to capture these creatures. Then there are PokeStops, special places in the game where you can collect items that are necessary to advance inside the game. You have to engage in battles with other players inside Poke Gyms but to overtake them you need to pick the right Pokemon to fight the Pokemon of the enemy.

Pokemon Go is claimed to be a role playing game but you find that it is more of exploration and capture of cuddly creatures than actually playing a game. The reason why Pokemon Go has become so popular in a short time period is because of the great social gaming experience it offers to the players. You will love this experience as players share their experiences and give tips to each other on how to capture certain types of Pokemons. You will learn a lot with this interaction with other players as there is not much of explaining done by the makers of the game. You will love the interaction with other players as it will teach you lots of tips and tricks about the game itself.


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