Pokémon Go Game: Creating Waves around the Country

Pokemon Go is a very popular augmented reality game developed by Nintendo. It has just been released but its popularity has already touched the skies. It is a free to play game that is location based. It is a retro game that takes you into a world of the Pokemons, lovely creatures that can be tamed and trained to learn new skills. This game has already been downloaded millions of times by the gamers across the country, breaking the record earlier held by Candy Crush Saga.

Pokemon Go has a very interesting gameplay
You can create your own avatar by choosing from variety of skin colors, hairstyles, and the outfits. You then appear based upon your current location inside the game. As you travel, you encounter different species of Pokemons. You can throw Pokemon ball at the Pokémon that you like and you get its ownership if the ball catches the Pokemon successfully. The ultimate objective for you is to go on capturing all the Pokemons inside the game. Every Pokemon has a combat power (CP). You get Pokemons with higher CP as you progress in the game. There are many in game activities that add to your experience and allow you to progress.  For pros who take this game to a next level Pokemon HotSpots are the way to go and assures your advancement and victory.


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