Download and play Animal Keeper

Its awesome to know that for us who love all kinds of animals, we have games available to us which are based in this concept and its a drive to love animals even more.  Animal Keeper does exactly that to a perfection.  In Animal keeper you save the cute little things from being caged.  As humans we do not like to be imprisoned in some type of jail; we love freedom, and do not take it for granted.  Now animals too will be much happier out on the open than in a cage.  Its the way things ought to be.

Your mission is as the title suggests a keeper of the animals.  A protector who will make sure to feed them, buy them, exchange with others, and most important keep them top notch and healthy.  Do not let the hunter who will harm them get to them first.

The animals will become your pets.  Included in the list with amazing cute graphics are: dogs, cats, sheeps, lizards, chickens, horses, donkeys and many more.  Be an owner of a rare animal when you upgrade some of your existing pet in your collection.  Overall this game is super fun to play; will keep you entertained for a good time.  Download this app game for absolutely free: Animal Keeper


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