Dragon Ninja Rush

Ready for a fast action paced game that will keep you on your feet ready to go and exited for hours on end? You have not encountered a ninja game such as Dragon Ninja Rush.  Well, the name says it all.  Rush so there is no time to stand still or sit, or sleep much less.  Always with your eyes wide open being alert whatever comes your way and on the run avoiding traps along the path; Believe me you are not going to encounter a few obstacles, but hundreds of them in a single run.  Prove yourself worthy to be wearer of the title of a true Dragon Ninja.  Not only to yourself but to friends, and many other players around the globe.

Dragon Ninja Rush in the your ultimate test in which your reflexes will be on trial.  Avoid the deadly shurikens, pits and walls.  Collect the coins and gems to level up, and buff your skills as a ninja;You should know that there is always room for skill improvement.  Now lets get going as there are many missions that need to be completed.  In a world of fighting games, sonic games, addicting games, and most important; free games: This one is simply outstanding!


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